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National Alfa Day - Sunday 5th July 2009

Contributed by Paul & Carol Proctor

We had an easy journey up the A1 on Friday and stayed at "The Kestrel an Innkeepers Lodge in Knaresborough for 2 nights. Lovely country pub surrounded by fields of sheep, horses, rabbits etc and one that I would thoroughly recommend. We spent Saturday visiting Ripon and Harrogate and had a very good day out.

We set out early on Sunday, and arrived at the event an hour early, 9.00 am, but were shown straight to a prime parking position. This start was rewarded by seeing the beautiful lawns around Newby Hall gradually fill up with Alfas galore and the amusing sight of lesser makes being "shown the door and sent off to their field somewhere. By 11.00am the place was full of mainly modern Alfas but with a good selection of 105s through to 75s etc, some of which we'd not seen before at "southern events. Car of the day was the Alfasud which had it's own section as did all models if they'd  pre-booked parking.

We were pleased to see that a great number of the general public had come to see the show and that they seemed thrilled as much by the modern Alfas as the old uns. Signs of a strong brand at the moment we hope.

Picadilly motors of Knaresborough hosted the showroom and had not one but two black 8C Competitionone on view. One was roped off but the other was very accessible. These of course provided much interest along with the other cars that Picadilly had on offer.

National concours was won by a beautiful yellow 101 Giulia Spider, completely rebuilt over the last 2.5 years and this was it's first outing.

Overall we had a fantastic day out, the weather was good, all our needs were catered for and we completed the 270 mile journey home in just over four hours.



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