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Motorsport at the Palace - Sunday 27th May 2012

Sunday 27th May 2012 was one of the hottest days of the year so far and Crystal Palace Park was the place to be for classic cars and motorsport.

I had arranged to hook up with Jack (Hodson) in Bromley on the way. As I was sitting waiting in my back garden at 8am I received a text, “Have you got a bucket of water and a sponge?”. Though away golfing, Doug was still determined that his car would represent him at the show. Jack turned up with muddy sills and had to give the 1750 boat-tail a quick once over! (Doug later claimed that the mud was a battle scar from the Tulip Rally). Having sorted that, we threw the gazebo into my 916 spider and off we went to Crystal Palace.

It wasn’t long before we came across the MG Car Club, (broken down), on the Elmers End Road. An MGA had suffered a petrol pump failure. An MGB driver tried to help but ultimately it was back to Reigate on a recover truck for him.

We arrived at the park to find Mark Rayss in his 105 Giulia Spider, (Series 4) and Doug Field with his gleaming 2600 Spider with coachwork by Touring of Milan, already holding the fort. We had been given a prime location, (no doubt due to our reputation, having won ‘Best Club Stand’ last year).

We whipped out the gazebo and the section’s new flags and quickly set up. It all looked great in red and provided much needed shade over the course of the day. Soon Roger Smith arrived in his 105 Giulia Spider, (Series 2) and the line-up was complete, or so we thought. A member of the London Section came over to talk to us. He had arrived in a lovely white kamm-tail spider, (as you may see from one of the photos) and in the spirit of camaraderie we invited him to join our line-up!

There were some great cars at the event with Porsche, MG, Scimitar, Renault Alpina to mention but a few in attendance.

One of the best features about the day was being allowed into the paddock. There we were able to see some beautiful cars and talk to their drivers, (some of whom came by the club stand and admired our cars!). Representing the Alfisti were 2 Giulietta Sprint Bertone, a 147 GTA, a 75, a Sud and a GTV6. All 6 cars were raced around the park from a starting point beside the concert bowl, down to the old palace foundations and then looping round through a chicane up and around the lake. There were some amazing sights and sounds and it was ‘petrol-head heaven’.

Also nice to see Anne and Terry Seal joining us in the gazebo and John Day popping in to say hello. I had brought a couple of mates along who I am trying to convert into ‘Alfisti’ and they showed their appreciation by providing some much needed chilled beer!

A really well organised event by Sevenoaks and District Car Club.

David Smith



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