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Brooklands Double Twelve Motorsport Festival – Sunday 17th June 2012

Ordinarily I dislike Americanisms: “Can I get a coffee”, “Have a nice day”, etc, but there is only one way to describe the Brooklands Double Twelve Festival…. “Awesome”!

This was going to be the section’s 50th Anniversary Parade for the Series 105 born in 1962 and underpinning a whole range of cars including the TI Saloon, the Giulia Spider, the GTV and the Zagato, right through to the Series 4 Spider of the 1980s. It was going to include an appearance by a private collection of "prototipo" and a driving event for the 105 series sponsored by Classic Alfa. Much was anticipated.

I hooked up with the Doug's, (Hodson and Field) and Jack outside the Ye Olde Whyte Lyon at Locksbottom at 8.30am and the sun was already beaming. We set off for Clackett Lane Services which we hit some twenty minutes later to hook up with John, Mark Webster, Dean, Keith, Stuart (about time your brother bought an Alfa) and eventually Jason and his clan. Apologies for anyone I have left out. Twelve cars, (at this stage), heading for Brooklands in what was an amazing parade of Alfas through the decades. We held together in a crocodile most of the way, (hoods down where possible), switching places and filling the lanes with our cars. I was smiling all the way.

On arrival at Brooklands we were joined by Mark (Rayss), ‘Margot’ a lovely 1972 saloon, and a Surrey member in his newly acquired 75.

We initially parked as a group by Concorde in a fine display of 14 cars…then the older cars were invited to park with the prototypes and competition cars. Doug set off like Ben Hur with the club banner flying above his car and seeing a row of prototypes including a real GTA and Giugiaro’s 1968 prototype for the Alfa Sud, he slapped his car right at the front of the display…I think the word for it is “cojones”!

The cars in the enclosure included a number of cars from Corrado Lopresto, a private Italian collector who boasts 75 prototypes in his personal collection housed in Milan including Alfa, Fiat, Lancia, and Cicitalia. More about him later.

Apart from Doug, Mark, Jason and Stuart’s cars, there was also a rare early Farina drop-head, a Giulia Sprint GTA, a Giulia Sprint Veloce (light-weight) and a 1930s Aerodynamica!

We were later joined by two Zagato ‘Mostros’, (one a rare spider) and a 2000 sprint and (once the weather was guaranteed not to rain), by Giovanni in his GTV with picnic. (A couple of glasses of Sicilian red and we nearly put a ‘go faster stripe’ down the side of the GTA with the picnic table!)

Also from the Corrado Lopresto collection were prototypes of the 105 saloons: 1962 Giulia by Centro Stile, chassis #10, (minus any interior) and 1962 Giulia 1750 by Esperienze Alfa, chassis #27, (minus petrol tank and anything other than an engine block).

There were some cracking cars in attendance: Bentleys, Jags, Mercs, MGs, Austin Healeys, Alvis, Bugatti and many others. Brooklands also offers a whole collection of historic aircraft and vehicles which you can spend hours looking round. It is well worth a day out in it’s own right. There was a treat in the form of number of competitive GTVs, GTAs and replica GTAs sprinting up the hill.

We also managed to carry out a couple of coups: firstly, it was not lost on us that Andrew Stevens of AROC Surrey had appealed to the Surrey section not to be outdone by AROCKES. Well, we managed to outnumber them approximately 10:1 and through a photographic sting, (it was Mark Rayss if you are reading this Andrew), we captured Andrew encamped in our enclosure, (see pics attached).

Secondly, we managed to speak to Mr Lopresto, an interesting man, (not short of a few Euros it would seem) and he offered to show us around his private collection in Milan if we got ourselves there. He also promised a sip from the Holy Grail…none other than a private guided tour around the now closed Arese Museo Storico! Start saving for 2013.

Soon it was all over and we were off. We managed to process out of the museum and slowly peeled off from the M25 one by one, the smile still on my face.

What a super day….the best…truly “awesome”!

David Smith



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