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Lower Bell Meeting (Thursday 26th July) & Bentley Wildfowl – Sunday 29th July 2012

Two successful summer events held largely in dry weather seems an unlikely statement this year but we only had some sharp showers to contend with on the way to Bentley and a dry day for the BBQ.

First though was our second section meeting at the Lower Bell and the landlord had responded to our request that he rope of the top part of the car park exclusively for our use. This section looked quite spectacular once we had filled it with various Spiders, GTVs Brera etc and attracted quite a bit of attention from the pub patrons. The usual faces turned up and it's good that we do have a diehard group of "perennials" and this time we were blessed with a good turnout of new faces and some great new cars. Most notable was Roger Castleman's beautifully restored Giulia. He has been working on this car for 25 years and this was pretty much his first outing and it looked glorious with every nut and bolt polished to perfection. Dave Muriel blessed us with his presence (we hadn't seen him for a couple of years) and it was good to see his Junior Zagato again. The new faces were Barry Stanley in his 147, Peter and Marie Stanley (no relation to Barry) in their 2 litre GTV and Philip Tucker in his 156. We hope to see them all at future meets I hope their first experience of a section meeting was pleasureable.

Second up was the Bentley Wildfowl Trust section BBQ which is located in the middle of nowhere somewhere down past Uckfield. However everyone besides me seems to find it OK and it's only me that slides in late. We seemed to have been double booked with a group intent on recreating a medieval village with various circular tents and period dress (rags) and some body armour and sword fights. Unfortunately they seemed to see us an unpleasant encroachment of "modern man" on their territory. So after a token movement of the cars by a few yards an uneasy peace prevailed.

The usual eclectic mix of cars was enlivened by several more new faces. There was a modern Giulietta but unfortunately we failed to note the owners name - can anyone help. We also had two Bertone GTVs. One was owned by Michael Westwood and the other by local boy Chris Kirk who had only just returned his car to the road. Once again we hope to see these new faces at future events.

The actual BBQ was generously provided by Keith and Sharon Barker who also proved that they love fancy dress by donning aprons and chefs hats. Great delight was shown by our "official" photographer Mark Rayss when the BBQ leapt into flames whilst under Dean's control but the fire brigade wasn't required as the simple expedient of throwing the food on the ground worked a treat.

On the way home the clouds started building and a torrential downpour started just as I rolled into Chateau Hodson and I hope all the other attendees were as lucky.

Doug Hodson
Chairman AROCKES

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