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Italia Piazza @ Horsham - Easter Monday 1st April 2013

One of our two daughters was expecting her second child on Easter day; I noticed the Horsham Piazza event for Italian cars on Easter Monday, so I managed to persuade the family that it would be a good thing to combine the two by taking my sons Alfasud to the Piazza and the family could be together for the day. It was agreed so we lined up the Sud at South Lodge hotel with the other cars ready to depart for a Horsham park and ride.

Whilst there was a great selection of Alfas it was the supercars that took the limelight. A Pagani Zonda, De Tomaso Panteras, Lamborgini Murciélago and Aventador , numerous Ferraris. Not quite sure how a Viper, a DB9 and a Bentley sneaked into an Italian day though. One of the stars was a Delorean dressed up as a replica of the “Back to the Future” car. Certainly the cutest was a collection of multi colour Fiat 500/600's.

After assembling later at a park and ride out of town we were lined up in to various makes and types and escorted into town by police lead by a gaggle of scooters many dressed up as “mods” Parka and all. There was a time when we were in convoy when we had a Murciélago in front and an Aventador behind. Where else could you say that?

We were organised into parking in various places around the town centre. The main Alfa contingent being along one pedestrianised shopping street. There Montreals, Gtv of both types, spiders, 2600 Giulietta etc. Our Sud with the only other boxer assigned a different area even though they were considerably older than than some of the cars in the Alfa area.

Needless to say the baby did not arrive on time but the Piazza is now firmly established as a family get together, and it should be for you, not only to be with other Alfa owners, but to see some of the best super-cars in the world.

Don Gilkes



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