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Tragedy Strikes Drive It Day Tulip Rally – 21st April 2013

Sunday the 21st April started innocently enough with early sunshine as a select group of Alfas arrived at Aylesford Bulls Rugby Clubs ground at the relatively early hour of 9 o'clock. We had 2 roundtail spiders, 1 Kamm tail, 2 Bertone GTVs, several 916 spiders, a very welcome 164 12v Cloverleaf and a 156. Also in the mix was my mate Eamon's X type Jag in a guest capacity.

The Rugby Club were most accommodating and laid on Bacon Butties and coffee etc..and the mood very relaxed before the off. The route started from Aylesford and wound down through Maidstone down the A20 to Leeds and then into the backroads of Kent.

I decided to to meet the competitors at the halfway point of Horsmondon village. Most people stopped here and when Jack and Lisa in my blue and silver Duetto rolled in all was clearly not well.

There had been a fatality en route when a bird had smashed into the screen and made a right mess. The bird was confidently identified as a Quail by Fred Baker which suggests to me that with the light weight of a bird that size Jack must have been thrashing my precious 105. Naughty Boy!!.

Anyway after a short leg stretch everyone carried on to the finish point at the Crown Point Inn where the majority showed great patience in electing for a roast lunch. This was the second drive it day tulip run for some of us and all involved seemed to enjoy it very much as it is an easy and relaxed excuse for a drive in the country.

Hopefully we can do a similar run if we can find a suitable route. An added bonus was that we collected £70 which will be donated to our favoured charity of The Kent Air Ambulance. Thanks for you generosity.

Doug Hodson



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