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Sundridge Classic Car Show - Sunday 23rd June 2013

Last Sunday dawned bright and clear as a number of the arockes arrived in their gleaming cars at the White Heart PH car park, Brasted. With Spiders of various models and vintages in abundance (is there any other Alfa?) in dispersed with Dougs 156 and Diane Lennox very nice 145 we met up and cunning drew up our plan which was to arrive at Sundridge in a convey and impress the assembled public? After some pontificating and discussion around world events (a clever bunch are we) 1pm arrived and it was time to prepare for the off. Spiders duly got there tops off, which meant Dean Prudence had to disappear into the back of his car and after some judicious ‘hammering’ managed to lower the roof of the immaculate V6 916. Doug duly led us out of the car park in the Sportwagen with only the distributor of the 69 Duetto making it to this show! (its a long story) we headed off on what was to be one of the shortest drives we will have. A minor ‘navigation error’ saw us exploring the limitations of the Alfa turning circle (yes it’s poor) as we U-turned over the A21 but after a short blast back turned in to the venue and followed the arm twirling, hi-vis jacketed marshals to our allotted parking area on.

The Cars were lined up and club flags erected, all was well. So where were we then? Well Sundridge is a combination of garden fete, so Tea and Scones on chintzy table cloth covered tables and Custom/Classic/Sports car show. Diverse but it seemed to work with a healthy crowd in attendance, so we quietly dispersed into the crowd to go and view the cars, and what cars! We were amongst quite an amazing selection of petrol powered Pride and joys. Everything from a Monster Truck jacked Range Rover, to a V8 powered Mk4 Zephyr drag car (remember those brick like Fords, yuk), to Astons, classic Jags, Lotus Elans, thro to a six wheel Citroen (CX?), Cosworth powered Mk1 Cortina and some very impressive 50’s Americana including Hot Rods! A fair old selection indeed. Those possibly some the largest cars I have ever seen this side of the Atlantic. Cars designed to keep Solvo in business I reckon?

There truly was something for everyone whatever your motoring tastes. The weather remained kind with bursts of sun to show up the paint jobs and chrome and a happy time was had by all as we chatted and wandered around the impressive array of exhibits. Although our Alfa’s did not quite have the ‘wow factor’ of some of the cars we attracted a good bit of attention from what I would call the more discerning enthusiast, one guy asking us what are the pitfalls of buying a mid 80’s GTV. Everything we said in a chorus! The only downside or inconvenience being one Portaloo for a couple of hundred people (we found a tree) and no ‘man food’ L Not a bacon butty or Burger in sight. Having said all that, I would say it was a good day enjoyed by all with most of the team heading out from about 3:30 pm onwards as the event drew to a close. In fact there was quite a queue to leave the event. Roll on next year and Doug, please try bring a bit more of the Duetto along next time, preferably the whole car!

Mark Webster



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