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Dover Classic Music & Motors - Saturday 26th July 2014

A bright sunny morning in July, Saturday 26th to be precise saw me backing the Spider out of the garage again to embark on the next AROCKES event. This time destination Dover for the annual Community Regatta and Dover Classic motor show organised by the Port of Dover and Dover council.  The Sat Nav showed a healthy 94 miles to run so a good blast was anticipated. Motorway miles were dispatched easily and by chance we met Fred at the Medway services in his very smart 105.  After a quick chat and a 'you know what' we were off again heading south Kate and myself trailing Fred.  He must have had his lead boots on as we tramped along the A2 at a very respectable 80-85mph!  Not bad at all for a 70's Alfa and no smoke!

We turned into Marine parade at about 09:30 which is located in front of the original harbour right on the seafront, the whole road had be closed off for the event and we were duly waved to our parking area at C7. After some rather tight manoeuvring we lined up and switched off.  Everyone loves a day by the sea and the AROCKES are no exception, a total of some 10 Alfa's in attendance lined up in the morning sunshine looking rather er Italian.  In our parking arrangement 'Italy' was facing off to the 'Brits' opposite (MG's) and we were flanked by the dreaded Americans, PT cruisers on one side (interesting lot?) and a couple of dodgy looking 60's Mustangs on the other.  We had a good cross section of Alfa's both old and new from Doug's '69' Duetto still showing the dent of being booted by a horse on the Tulip Rally (Doug obviously still not able to find the sink plunger!) to the very nice modern Giulietta of Garry Kaby. Also in attendance were 3 x 916 Spiders (or 4 if you count Deans dashboard toys), Pam & Rogers and Colin Craven's 'proper' Spiders, John's immaculate 3.0 GTV, the156 Sportwagen of David Birchall (don't see many these days?) and of course Fred's white 105. We proudly looked on as our cars got a lot of admiring glances from Mr and Mrs public. 

The event was very well attended the hot sunshine bringing out a good crowd to look at a large selection of motors, everything from a Willys jeep complete with machine gun mount on the rear to some pimped up Bentley lookalike (yuk).. It's strange to see cars like Mk3 Cortina's, Escorts and Metro's etc at a car show.  Lotus Cortina's yes but Orion 1600 Ghia complete with velour trim, well, not so sure?  My eye was taken by a very ordinary looking Blue Ford Anglia estate running a supercharged Zetec motor a real wolf in sheeps clothing I suggest alongside a superb original Green 3.4 S type Jaguar. 

There was a lot going on around us to see, the emergency services displays and live music making all the noise on land whilst the RNLI lifeboat did some impressive quick passes and turns on the water to churn the sea up a bit.  Sailing and Gig racing also providing a very 'summers beach day' scene.  I think it's fair to say our gang enjoyed it, a good social event well organised and gave the opportunity for our members to admire the cars, get some sunshine and catch up on the news.  Collapsible chairs, sun block and picnics being the order of the day! 

Due to other commitments that evening I/we had to leave before the 6pm anticipated finish for the event so can't report here on what happened much after that but I am sure all from our section had a good day generally, even if later in the day we were subject to some rather dreadful SKA music being belted out from the hotel in front of us (should had my m/bike earplugs).  Continuing the 'seaside theme' we now look forward to moving up the coast a bit and attending the Whitstable car show on the 17th August.  Now where's that Sat Nav? 

Mark Webster



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