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Tripes Farm Classic Car Show - Sunday 21st September 2014

Normally when you perform a good deed you get the warm worthy feeling inside but the deed itself is quite dull like helping an old lady across the road or stopping your neighbour murdering his wife.

Well in this case supporting the St Christopher Hospice Classic Car Show at Tripes Farm was a huge pleasure in its own right. No other show has that old fashioned relaxed feel and with an incredible array of interesting cars. I wish more of our members would come along to this event in the future and show off more of our beauties.

Of course the gems had to be prised out of some mundane dross and as illustration of this I offer you the MG Midget with rubber bumpers and a very tasteful hand painted highlighting around the extremities of the dash - oh and the 4 pipe exhaust too. Truly a great amongst the awful.

Parked next to the three Spiders and one GTV of our contingent was a Daimler Light 15 of 1933 which had all its original carpets and when the owner obliged us by starting it he gave us such an audible thrill with it ticking over in such a way that it was like being back in your mother's womb. I was able to assume the drivers seat (his wife was in the passenger seat) and it was like being transported back into the drawing room at home (If only my modest suburban semi had such a thing).

Other notables in our vicinity were a SAAB Sonnett which is a Swedish sports car of the 70's in the mould of a Nissan 240Z. I bet another one of these won't be spotted in the near future. Likewise an NSU Prinz - except that Giovanni reckons there were 20 of them at the Aylsford show last year.

Mark Rayss and I reckon the star car was the Armstrong Siddely Sapphire which had the most amazing bodywork for a car of this vintage (40's ?) and which was set off by the unrestored interior which had a lot of patina - I'm very much into patina myself - just look at my car. Another goodun was the Lea Francis with the most exquisite radiator cap in the form of a unicorn with a mermaids tail - totally unique according to its owner.

As I said it was a charity day and one of the ways to support it was to buy raffle tickets with the main prize being a brand new Nissan Micra which if it is won by Mr Rayss he has promised to rebadge as an Alfa as the new ARNA. Something to look forward to there!

I am hoping that this show doesn't grow too much as it has a bit of that old fashioned feel. I hope that your are encouraged to come next year but don't tell too many others about it please.

Doug Hodson



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